Have worked on the air system to day and finally got everything fixed an working. Took another effort because there were more leaks right at that air engine.

I fixed the main leak and then there were still small leaks around the flow adjuster screw. I fixed that too and then all was tight, BUT it did not survive the rattle test. That’s when I go over everything and rip at the cables and lines and wiggle and push and shove to see if it holds together. Spay some foamy water on it and wiggle again .. check the pressure gauges and to my disgust I find more leaks. Right at the pick up, that swivel fitting .. moving the hose a bit to the side and it leaks ..

Made a movie.

One can see the movement and also the hissing air coming out .. what a …..
Not much to do other than throwing all the fittings out and replacing with fixed ones .. not swivel, not push in, not anything which might come loose on some nasty corrugations.

Top image shows the new setup with fixed outlets and no flow restriction… actually works better than before..