Not much done today up to now.. just running around getting things organised
I picked up most air parts … they were short 5 fittings .. I took all of their stock ..unbelievable..
So I had to go to another place and they had only 5 but at least drilled out the 5 NPT fittings for me to fit the 10mm pressure sensor. Also got the mounting box for the air control unit, the other one I had  was just too big.

Went by the accountant, picked up some alu and bought two large discs for my NAS because I am running full.
Now the discs are formatting with bad sector check .. that runs for 6 hours now and is at 15% .. but for that size discs I better run it with bad sector mapping .. don’t want to get trouble down the track. They are mirrored discs in my 10 slot NAS.

I took the image on the counter of the hose shop, sorting all the fittings on top of my plan making sure I have everything.
Will try and put most of that stuff in tomorrow. The forecast says cold windy and some rain. We will see how much time that leaves me.

Tonight I do some more programming on the level unit. Compacting the code to finish the main logic.