Busy day today.
Tomorrow we expect rain early so I tried to get as much done today as I could without stress.

Fitted the air tank .. stainless steel pipes welded together. With a stainless steel strap.
Two images show the tank from above (top image) and below.


Fitted the small compressor. Image below shows the compressor but the wrong way. Later image shows in correct position.
This is only a small one for the air engine and can alo be used to air the tyres, however I have a bigger compressor on the truck for pumping up the 6 tyres after a sand drive.


Next thing to be fitted was the drinking water pump. Sits in the same section as the house water pump and there is enough space also for all the ball valves.


This image shows the section with the pumps and the compressor. The tank is not yet fixed, just to check spacing. I removed it before I finished the floor again.