Have not posted for a while.
Lots of things to do and not just for the van.
A few more bits and pieces arrived, my Ethernet panel connectors, the water proof round panel connectors and a few other things. I now can finish my CAN/Ethernet gateway units and the valve controllers etc.

All the lights are connected and working and I rewired the trailer connectors on my truck with a new socket in the front of tub, closer to the coupling. I also have finished the wiring for the brake controller.

The VIN number is stamped on the chassis and I started to commission the brake system, filling and bleeding and that was when the brown stuff hit the fan.

The ABS controller is leaking out of 5 of 6 fittings. Factory installed fittings, not installed by me. My brake lines are all good the ABS control unit is bleeding to death. Damn ! and the worst is – Chris Romanoff is not working for Tuson anymore. The new person is not even half as quick or friendly as Chris was. So I expect a bit of a problem. I guess it falls back on myself again to fix it – nothing new, why should it change. The greatest trailer brake system in the world ? – Yeah right.

Monday I will talk to my local brake specialists, he already warned me about the brass fittings when he has seen the unit.
He predicted that I will have trouble. I will have to take the thing apart and replace the pressure fittings with something more appropriate. This is the second let-down with a so called great American product. I really was excited about this system when you see all the great advertising, but letting a unit out of the factory in such a condition is really inexcusable.

Above one can see the blue brake fluid running off – what a rubbish.

Unfortunately there are no real alternatives, so I will fix it myself – again .. this appears to become a habit.