Since the last post about the cables I had done a lot of little things, most days for a few hours before I worked on my commercial project. This post shows mainly images of the things I have done. Facebook readers will not really have much to see from this post since only one image is copied to Facebook for each post.


More cables going in. I mark each cable with a tag.


This helps later to identify the cables when they get connected to the switchboards


I use three different types of cables in three colours, The main supply is 4 sqmm in orange, the standard power cable is the 2.5 sqmm cable in grey for the standard power points and a black 1.5 sqmm cable for lower current connections like the awning motor PoE routers etc.


Tagging the cables is essential with more going in.


I fitted the pelmet for the blind above the larger kitchen window.


Painted and with trim fitted.


Installed the washer light (RGB) above the blind. Can be set through the central system. The work light in the kitchen is also installed don’t have a picture yet Also the lights in the appliance cabinets are installed.

The skirting light in the kitchen is installed . This light is switched through a proximity sensor in the kick board, when the operating mode is set to “Night”.


The same sensors are installed in the bedroom, under the tv cabinet and in the bathroom. Each entry door also has a sensor under the step and the step will be lit when approached in “Night Mode”.


The first Can bus component is installed. This is the controller for the kitchen light. Can be switched with an RF dimmer as well as through the DMX bus from the central system.


Cable channels and subboard installed in the bedroom wardrobe. One channel fr the 12V supply to my office and one channel for the supply to the subboard.DSC_1871 DSC_1872 DSC_1873 DSC_1874 DSC_1875

One day I cleaned up my mess in the living area and brought the chairs and recliners in for a test. All fits well and enough space to get around everything easily. Unlike the American 5th wheeler’s we do not care for these huge living areas with sofas and dinner tables and oversized slide-outs for 6 people when you only travel as a couple.

We do not like to sit inside the kitchen or to look at it all the time for that matter. We never were really keen on the open floor plans of American or Australian houses, but this is just us. We will have a retractable curtain separating the kitchen and the living area. As a result all sections are separated from each other. Between living area, bedroom and my work area we have folding doors. In between the other tasks I have put together a DC-DC charger for my small Lithium battery for the chassis but still waiting for the housing.