I fitted the doors and the windows. Cuts were accurate as one can see in the second image down and it was quite easy. Only a few spots needed trimming. This has nothing to do with the cut out itself, more with inaccuracies of the window corners due to bending the material. Same with the doors, a few bits to trim and they were in.

We use sliding windows with real automotive glass. They are heavier of course than the flimsy acrylic windows used for caravans here but are superior in my opinion in many ways. Acrylic windows used for most vans are “awning” windows, they swing out and are not very stable in that position. The problem with that is, that with a bit of wind they start shaking and might get damaged, so one had to close them. We like our windows open also in windy conditions and this is what a sliding window can do. We also do not like the combined fly screen and shades. They are far too sensitive when moved up and down. We prefer permanent fly screens.

The tint is a brown solex mirror tint which does not allow to look inside unless light is on inside the van.

The locks on the doors are number locks and can be used with or without key.

kitchen_window window_cutout rear_door_bathroom_window