First post since some time. Been busy with many things, mainly my commercial project, kiting and tennis, however I have done a few things to the van in the meantime. A lot of hours went into the testing of the slide-out mechanism. I will write about this in another post.

Above image shows the water inlets for fresh and drinking water behind a baggage door. I do not like the little plastic doors one usually finds on caravans as the water inlets. These are not very solid and when exposed to UV will eventually get yellow and brittle.

I do not want any of these little doors protruding from the wall, catching dirt or being exposed to the elements. All the service entries are securely hidden behind baggage doors or specific hatches.


2016-01-16 15.07.15


We do not have a pressurised inlet since we do not plan to stay very often in caravan parks or even use any water directly. First of all we are used to rain water and do not really like town water anyway and secondly we will most likely run the water through our water maker first. We expect to use mostly raw water and making our own water. If I ever decide to change that it is easy done because I have electric ball valves in all inlets and outlets and it is easy to isolate the tanks. For our shower we have separate pumps for the water circulation, town water would not really enhance the experience.