The outside corners only require a small trim. The panels are rebated and glued together in a way that the gel coats are quite close together in the corners. The panels are not simply joined and covered with big alu profiles like cooling trucks and some home made vans. I can use 12×12 white alu angle, which is cut on the side for the curve in the front. The typical edging on vans with the plastic inset is ugly and the plastic shrinks and gets yellow over time. I don’t really like it.



Another components of the outside trim is the prop plate finish around the bottom of the van. I had some stone chips on the front panel on the lower parts, which showed that it is a good idea to further protect the panel. The prop plate is not aluminium. Alu gets rather dull after a short time this is why some van manufacturers use black or coloured sheets. Even the painted clear stuff gets ugly after some time. On top of that it is heavy and hard to work with. I use a vinyl with prop plate pattern. Cheaper, lighter better than alu. It is easier to work with and it stays nice and bright, does not get dull. I have it since 8 years on my truck and it looks like day one. The stuff comes also from the US and is not available here in Australia. What they have here is a thing wrapping stuff they use for advertising, no comparison, this is not what this vinyl is. At the top edge I use some ABS chrome moulding all around eventually.