Over the last 10 days or so I have done a lot of detail work, which does not really look like a lot but it all takes time, and I still spent a fair bit of time with my commercial project and meetings.

The body moulding is finished on the passenger side and so is the trim around the awning recess and the front neck area.

2016-02-14 18.10.24 2016-02-14 18.10.33 2016-02-14 18.10.47 2016-02-14 18.10.59 2016-02-14 18.11.10

The graphics are fixed on both sides. Just a simple strip – keeping it subtle. Enough hatches, windows and doors anyway. I am not a friend of these cheesy American graphics which will disintegrate after a couple of years. At least the ones on our slide-on did.

2016-02-14 18.09.59

I also added a drain in the water inlet box.  I case water overflows I don’t want it sitting inside that box, it drains straight through to the ground. A bit filthy still from glueing the box, needs cleaning up.

Purchased the slide out bins and done quite a bit of measuring and preparing the kitchen build. I also purchased another 4 panels of the alu honeycomb with alu skin for the separation walls and shelves of the storage area. This will be done once the batteries are in and mounted to the neck floor.