The plan was to mount the body in the factory because the panels are way too big to be shipped and it would be a pain without the proper tools and more so without the experience of the guys at Vanglass.

Unlike the US vans this one is not as high, still the panel is 3m high and over 11m long. Than van is 2.8m at its highest point and we needed all the height of the lifting gear to get the panels on.

The first thing in the factory was to remove the wheels and drop it down as low as possible. Easy with the hydraulic legs. The airbags can compress far enough without the suspension sitting on the bump stops.


Shaun had decided to not cut any panels until I was there. The main reason was the size of the panels. He wanted to take the panels straight from the router onto the trailer and not storing the long panels somewhere else. Another reason was that we had the opportunity to double check all measurements with the plans in CAD and the actual chassis. So we did cut the panels as we went and put them together.

Below is one side panel waiting for the router. These panels are absolutely perfect. Straight, no spot on the mirror finish. Not as dull as some of the US panels I have seen. They have done brilliant work with these. The foam was special ordered for me. Took a long time to get there but at the end the panels worked out very nice. Light and strong, very impressive.