Exactly two weeks after I arrived in Yandina I left early in the morning.

I stayed again In Peterborough and also Cobar at the same places but this time I only needed 5 days. I was home Wednesday evening. Needed another couple of tyres in the front since the alignment was still off and the old tyres did not like it that much.

Everything else was fine.

On the Nullarbor I needed around 17l/h and the trip average on the way home was around 18.5l/h with 90-95kmh most of the time. Occasionally I was a bit faster especially towards the end on the home stretch from Norseman it was more towards to 100kmh.

The van tows very well, not much cross wind sensitivity due to the low height and very low center of gravity.

DSC_1203 DSC_1205

body_taped DSC_1208