fuel_useThe Nullarbor on 2 trailer wheels was no problem. The Duramax ticked over nicely, hardly working with a light tail wind. At 100kph the engine revs at 1600 and I did not even use tow mode. Form Madura to Ceduna I used under 14l/100km. In Ceduna I mounted the new tyres on the trailer and went on to Peterborough where I spent the night.

A nice coffee shop in the old cinema makes an interesting place for a break.




After Peterborough the roads got worse and worse. Past Broken Hill and the rest on NSW was atrocious. I was happy to arrive in Yandina after one more incident with my front tyres. They wore down quicker than expected and I swapped the inner rears with the fronts after around 3000 ks. Had the front end aligned provisionally but it did not completely fix the problem. I have to do it again here now.