Over the last 3 days, a few hours at the time, I have built the living area slide-out box and today with help from a mate I have fitted the slide-out to the body.

It is a lot quicker the second time around, since I new what to do with the slide-out mechanism. There were the plastic pins again in the mechanism, which I removed, and replaced with a rivet. The slide-out mechanism installs in less than 5 minutes per side. It is real easy and the mechanism is light, I still have to put the limit bolts in like described in a previous post.

Nevertheless it was rather painless, and the slide-out box could be handled by two people without too much trouble. It fitted perfectly and only took a few minutes to put it in.

Most of the time was needed to glue the alu angle around the edges and I have done it over three days to let the glue cure with the angle and gel coat pressed together with clamps.

2016-02-14 18.29.30 2016-02-19 09.14.02 2016-02-19 09.14.18 2016-02-19 09.14.37 2016-02-19 09.14.12

The floor of the box is a bit longer to avoid the step right under the pedestal of our chairs. The chairs fit onto the floor completely, but I did not want to make the slide-out too deep. This is why I trimmed back the sides and only left a bit more towards the floor for stability reasons.

2016-02-19 13.20.33 2016-02-19 17.32.48 2016-02-19 17.33.06 2016-02-19 17.42.40 2016-02-19 17.43.03

Above images show the finished slide-out with one of our chairs. Fits perfectly when the backrest is reclined and enough space for a side table. The window opening still needs cutting and the walls need to be painted with bonding primer. The mechanism is temporarily connected using one of my lab power supplies. The outside edge trim is not yet installed. I still have to round the edges of the frame for that to fit. I like the look of the plain face, looks really classy and clean and nothing on there which will get yellow in a year or two.