Fitted some of the inside walls to stabilise the roof. The fridge wall and another short wall opposite of the fridge. The corners are stiffened with alu angle.

Finished the wheel wells from inside. They are fairly low and will be inside cabinets. Nothing visible from the inside once finished.

2015-11-02 11.56.02 2015-10-29 14.28.22 2015-11-03 10.25.18

The cut outs for the fender skirts were perfectly positioned. After mounting the wheel again I fitted the fender skirts. Just glued on after a bit of trimming.


2015-10-29 14.39.01 2015-11-03 10.25.02 2015-11-04 06.05.45 2015-11-04 06.50.41


Looks very nice. Like made for it, although the skirts are from an American motorhome. Had the coming with the container. Glad I did.