This is the front of the van after a few weeks of rain and not having a cover anymore. Lots of sticky stuff from the trees and dirt washed off the roof down the front. I should have installed some gutters a long time ago to let the water flow off to the side and not wash all the dirt onto the baggage doors. The little service door for the power inlets caught a lot of dirt and I want to keep the water away from it especially when power cords are connected.

I have plastic gutters, self adhesive, to glue against the sides and the front of the body.


First of all I polished the front and removed all the dirt to make sure the gutter sticks as good as possible. I used a piece of MDF as a guide to make sure I could attach  the gutter in a straight line and with good slope, making sure the water runs off quickly.


Below is a close up of the gutter profile. I attached it across the front fairly high up, but not all the way.

DSC_1916 DSC_1917



This is the view from the front now. Everything nicely cleaned and polished with the gutter installed. Eventually I will also attach the gutters to the sides, but this is not as urgent as the front was at this point.


The blind fabric arrived in the meantime. I am waiting for the motor I have order to make the second sample. Some stuff out of China takes 3-4 weeks when sent by China Post. I have the time , so I don’t pay for express delivery.