Have fitted the touch screen. It is the wall to the left at the front entry. The fridge is behind that wall. There is not much cable from the processor to the display and the controller board. It is a LVDS display and I did not feel like extending those tiny, flimsy cables. I picked a height to allow the processor to be mounted above the fridge.

2015-12-27 12.13.45 2015-12-27 12.23.14 2015-12-27 12.24.45


The images above show the rear of the display and the processor box. All the connections to the processor go into the right (rear) of the box. The processor is fan less and the fridge recess is temperature controlled by a thermostat and a couple of fans to keep the fridge working efficiently. The rear and the sides of the fridge need airflow for cooling. I do not use external vents because I do not want any dust holes in the van. I also have the ability to start the aircon automatically in case the inside of the van or the fridge recess gets too hot. The threshold temperature is adjustable via the central processor. Everything is controllable by this touch screen, however I also have local satellite systems which allow local control of components. I also have direct controlled components in case the central system fails. All essential components are independently controllable from physical switches.