the last slide-out is in .. took 6 months since I am back from QLD. Time flies when you are busy.


I had the box and the opening prepared and yesterday my young mate came by to help me to lift it in.
It is not really heavy but a bit awkward with the long bed base. Would not trust any of my older mates
to handle it, so had to wait for the young bloke, however he has a sore wrist right now and I have torn
a ligament in the left elbow at the gym. Nevertheless we managed to get it in without much of a struggle.
Have not sealed it yet and only one screw on each side. Weighed it down a bit with some cable inside.
That’s the cable I use for the main 240V connections between the sub boards and power points. I also have
light circuits with 1.5 sqmm cable.

The slide-out is half way in those pictures and does not yet have the edge seal attached on the outside.
The window is not yet clamped in, they are all a very tight fit so no danger of falling out. None of my windows
have any play in the cut-out, they sit very tight in the walls.