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Another small task today was loading the batteries into their place in the van. I borrowed one of the fork lifts of my neighbour, which made it easy. Just lifted the batteries into the openings and pushed them onto the extra floor panel. This panel is positioned on top of the actual floor panel to distribute the weight over a larger area.

The batteries will be bolted down with large bolts through the floor and additional braces under the neck to make sure that they do not move a bit, especially not when an accident happens and they might fly forward and take our heads off in the truck. Each battery is bolted down with 10 bolts, which will hold them in place under all circumstances.

Each battery system weighs 96 kg including the steel casing. Capacity is 9 kW each with battery monitor system and 600 Amp fuse and contactor. Each of the batteries is connected to a separate inverter with twin 50 sqmm cable. The inverters run in parallel to produce 6 kW of AC power.