One of my pet hates is to have an awning hanging off the side of the van and giving up at least 10 cm interior width. Also the awning being out in the weather and dust all the time is a nuisance. For this one I decided on a boxed Fiamma 45 which encloses the vinyl inside a box because I also did not want the legs. Without legs the awning is less stable of course and in windy conditions need to be wound in. So we decided on the Fiamm F45 Eagle, which is the electrical version available in the US but not Australia. It came in the container.

Because I maximised our internal width (2410 mm) we would be over width with the awning hanging off the side unless we would roof mount it, but that is both inconvenient and creates drag. This is why I created an awning recess. There are a couple of US 5th wheelers using such a concept even with leg awnings. They have a pressed plastic piece which sits inside the wall. I wanted the awning to be well recessed with the option of making a door for it. This is not planned though at this stage, but it is possible.

The awning has a movement sensor in it’s front edge. The sensitivity of the sensor can be adjusted and if the shakes are above the selected threshold the awning will automatically retract. This way we do not have to worry about when a wind comes up and we are not home.


awning_recess awning_recess_inside1 awning_recess_inside awning_recess_alu awning_recess_braces


2015-12-10 18.33.21
The inside is covered by a panel which also hides the roller blinds for door and window as well as some indirect lighting.