Everything in on the right side, slide-outs, windows and baggage and service doors.


Here is the image with numbered doors and below is the list of door purpose.

1 – Pull out garbage bins and bottle container
2 – Service opening for air filter of the positive pressure system
3 – Ventilation door for air condition compressor
4 – Air condition compressor main door
5 – Electric BBQ slide-out shelf
6 – Pass through storage for my surfboards and other longish items
7 – Wide door storage for kites, harnesses and life vests
8 – Wide door storage for kites
9 – Pass through storage for long items, like paddles
10 – Side door to battery compartment
11 – Service door for water maker
12 – Storage for tools
13 – Service opening for rear leg
14 – Storage for ham radio yagi
15 – Service opening for front leg plus general storage (oils and other fluids)
16 – Service opening fr front leg plus general storage
17 – Service door for water inlets and breather filters

2016-02-29 13.16.19

The image below shows all the keys for the baggage and service doors.

2016-02-29 13.04.15

But we only need one, they are all keyed alike.

2016-02-29 13.04.25