Our bed is inside a slide out which will go out by 62cm. We have decided to use a higher bed box than most to utilise the space better. In order to get into the bed still easily I had to build steps on both sides.

2015-12-14 12.25.26

The supports for the steps have cut outs for wiring and heating pipes to the front of the steps. The bed box has doors on 4 sides. One is from the outside to access the space over the wheel well. In the front the box has two doors and one door each on both sides.

It is a full queen size bed, not a “caravan queen size bed” which are usually only 180cm. When the slide out is in the mattress is hard against the full size wardrobe. Originally we had planned to use a header board lift to slide the mattress out of the way when the slide out is in but right now we are thinking not to use it for several reasons. Weight is one and the other one is the potential damage to the Belgian latex mattress we use. The usual cheap inner spring or foam mattresses can handle that a lot easier but we do not like those at all. Once you had one of the top of the range latex ones you never go back to anything else. Since we have the second door in the rear to the bath room it is not really a big deal.

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