Yesterday and today I was working on the cabinet in my work area and the electric cabinet in the kitchen. When I fit the trim to a panel I let it dry over night before I do anything else with it.


Yesterday I did the door for the electric cabinet to fit it today. I also did cut the doors and pieces for the cabinet in my work area and this morning I fixed the trim for that. I also had a meeting today but it only took a couple of hours. After that I fitted the door and made the control panel and fitted that with a hinge to the cabinet. Late afternoon and evening I mostly go back to my commercial project.


Above image shows the door to the electric cabinet. I am still waiting for the small switch board (12 pole) which will be used as an extension to the one on the right. DSC_1797

This was the last door I had to fit in the kitchen. The kitchen is now done. Only the cornice board above the fridge is left to do.

Next step was the control panel. I laid out the control instruments the way I wanted to fit them to the panel to take some measurements. Then I cute the panel and put the trim around it yesterday. Today it was ready to do the cut outs.


I made the cutouts and fitted the instruments to the panel. Top left is the Multiplus control. One can adjust the AC input current to the inverter/charger or can switch the inverters on and off. Top right is the remote panel for the smaller Xantrex inverter. A simple on/off and a LCD display for output wattage. To the left one can see the two battery monitors, one for the main house battery and one for the trailer battery. Bottom right is the Victron colour control as the central control element for the Victron devices. I also use it to interface to the central control system to read data from the Victron devices and also to control charger and inverter.

Fitted the panel to the cabinet with a hinge at the bottom and a magnetic latch.

I can lower the panel and access cables and devices behind it. For the installation of cables and other items I can remove the fridge and get to the space behind the switchboard and the control panel from below. I left it open for air circulation. I have a vent at the bottom and also at the top of the left side wall. I will install thermostat controlled fans to make sure I have no heat traps behind and besides the fridge.