A few days ago I finally went out to get some more alu extrusions for the blinds with the larger motors. I use a 32mm tube for the top, a 10mm tube  and a square profile for the bottom roller.

The motor is a 25mm 1.5Amp with remote. I use the bigger motor for the larger blinds and the smaller 20mm (0.5Amp) for the small blinds. All the fabric has arrive already a while back from Turkey. Works well and looks really nice. This completes the kitchen. Lights are finished, cupboards are finished, the only thing left is the water connection to the sink and the drain.

This will have to wait a bit longer until a few other things are done.

I now made a sample for the small and the larger motor and have ordered the remaining 8 from Hong Kong.

dsc_2037 dsc_2036