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Under Floor Frame Continued ..

By |September 14th, 2015|CHASSIS BUILD|0 Comments

Today I continued with the frame in the front left of the chassis. Takes a while, pretty fiddly to get this nice and straight.

I have checked some measurements from the plan and took some baggage doors to the chassis to double check positions. My wife and I and a bit of a discussion about pull out table in the front, table height, pass through shelf to the kitchen and door position and a couple of other things.

Looked a seating height with the pull out table outside, opening direction of the door and the placement of the door. I am […]

Under Floor Frame

By |September 13th, 2015|CHASSIS BUILD|0 Comments

After two days of work on my commercial project and rain yesterday, the weather was better today and I done some work on the trailer again.

I did do some more programming for the BMS, which is now almost done. Need a couple of parts and need to put it in a box.

Outside I started the work on the last chapter of the chassis build, the under floor frame for the storage boxes and the underbelly cover.

I also have finished all cutting for the outriggers and side rail for the neck section. The pieces are waiting to be welded.

I tried […]