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Under Floor Frame Continued ..

By |September 14th, 2015|CHASSIS BUILD|0 Comments

Today I continued with the frame in the front left of the chassis. Takes a while, pretty fiddly to get this nice and straight.

I have checked some measurements from the plan and took some baggage doors to the chassis to double check positions. My wife and I and a bit of a discussion about pull out table in the front, table height, pass through shelf to the kitchen and door position and a couple of other things.

Looked a seating height with the pull out table outside, opening direction of the door and the placement of the door. I am […]

Under Floor Frame

By |September 13th, 2015|CHASSIS BUILD|0 Comments

After two days of work on my commercial project and rain yesterday, the weather was better today and I done some work on the trailer again.

I did do some more programming for the BMS, which is now almost done. Need a couple of parts and need to put it in a box.

Outside I started the work on the last chapter of the chassis build, the under floor frame for the storage boxes and the underbelly cover.

I also have finished all cutting for the outriggers and side rail for the neck section. The pieces are waiting to be welded.

I tried […]


By |December 19th, 2014|SPECIFICATIONS|0 Comments

Steel Trailing Arm – length 720mm with sleeved axle and 100mm flange for hub mount, powder coated
Hanger Bolts 1” with brass bushes 1.25” OD
Airbag 3” Compressed 12” Expanded Rated 5000lbs Ride height 6,5”
Limiter straps with adjusters and bump stops
Suspension Travel 80mm with normal ride height
Rancho RS999006 – 11.7/17.3 9 step adjustable shocks, two per wheel with boots
Levelling system with electronic height control and 5 programmable positions
Load sharing connection between front and rear bags with block valve for non load sharing operation
Remote pressure gauge in vehicle cab

Chassis Frame

By |December 19th, 2014|SPECIFICATIONS|0 Comments

Gooseneck design for truck with tub
Width: 2450 mm
Length: 10500 mm
Axle distance: 995mm
Axle centre to rear wall: 3150mm
Neck clearance over ground: 1700mm
Chassis main rail 9″ – Aluminium (Structural 6082 T6) 152x76x6.5 main rails with 76x76x6.3 sub rail and steel suspension mounts

ATM: 4499 kg
GTM: 4100 kg
Tare: 3450 kg
Max Ball Weight (when loaded): 1500kg
Hydraulic landing gear with rear drop feet and automatic chassis levelling with remote control. Each leg has individual hydraulic pump and 30” stroke.
Central cross members used as air tanks
Underfloor storage all around with angle for side panel support