Points we do not like with US and local 5th wheelers and goose neck trailers

By |December 17th, 2014|WHAT WE DID NOT WANT|0 Comments

In no particular order:

King pin coupling is inefficient (too heavy, big, and not sufficient articulation)
Goose neck auto lock coupling is expensive and inconvenient to use
Most local goose necks are built for flat trays not tubs
Wheels on US 5th wheelers are too far forward
Not enough clearance between vehicle and van to hang motorbike
Bed room over neck makes van far too high
Generally CG (Centre of Gravity) is too high
Chassis mostly not suitable for gravel or dirt road
Too much space wasted with seating which is not required for 2 people
No real office area
Designs are old fashioned and dull
Cheaply made interiors and appliances […]