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Power Input Continued

By |September 28th, 2016|BUILD, ELECTRIC, INTERIOR BUILD|0 Comments

I made the box with the power inlets earlier. Next I fitted the rear wall to mount the small switchboard to accommodate the relays required for the input selector.



The switchboard with four relays is mounted to be connected to the supply lines to the inverters.

The box is put in place inside the battery compartment and the supply cables are connected.

The switchboard is closed. This is the first component completely finished now.




The input selector is used to allow one or two supply lines to be connected. If only one lead is connected to the black connector a cross connection is […]


By |September 11th, 2016|BODY BUILD, BUILD|0 Comments

This is the front of the van after a few weeks of rain and not having a cover anymore. Lots of sticky stuff from the trees and dirt washed off the roof down the front. I should have installed some gutters a long time ago to let the water flow off to the side and not wash all the dirt onto the baggage doors. The little service door for the power inlets caught a lot of dirt and I want to keep the water away from it especially when power cords are connected.

I have plastic gutters, self adhesive, to […]

Power Input

By |September 11th, 2016|BUILD, ELECTRIC, INTERIOR BUILD|0 Comments

The van has 3 power inlets. Two 15 amp inlets, each connected to one of the larger inverters, and one 10 amp connector meant to be used for the smaller inverter when no 15 amp connection is available. The supply for the smaller inverter can be switched between the 10 amp and a 15 amp supply. All three inverters have an automatic transfer switch for the AC input.


I have two different colour inputs. The black one also supplies the input for the smaller inverter. The inlets are placed behind a service door with openings for two leads. When the AC […]

Inverter Placement

By |September 11th, 2016|BUILD, INTERIOR BUILD|0 Comments

Over the last week I prepared a mounting base for the inverters in the battery compartment. The inverters are meant to hang on a wall for best ventilation, however they are 18kg each and the wall is an aluminium honeycomb panel, which may not hold the weight on rough roads. I decided to make a support, which allows for ventilation and solid support.

The support is built from the composite panel of the body cutouts.

I glued it together, made the required cuts for the cables and painted it.

After the paint dried I placed the support inside the battery compartment and mounted […]

Catch Up Post

By |September 5th, 2016|BUILD, INTERIOR BUILD|0 Comments

Since the last post about the cables I had done a lot of little things, most days for a few hours before I worked on my commercial project. This post shows mainly images of the things I have done. Facebook readers will not really have much to see from this post since only one image is copied to Facebook for each post.

More cables going in. I mark each cable with a tag.

This helps later to identify the cables when they get connected to the switchboards

I use three different types of cables in three colours, The main supply is 4 sqmm in orange, […]

Work Area Finished

By |September 5th, 2016|BUILD, INTERIOR BUILD|0 Comments

Almost, at least. The only thing left is the blind. Finished the pelmet the shelves and the cover for the cable channels.

Installed the lights and  switch for the indirect lighting around the work desk.

The blind is next when the motor I ordered arrives.

Audio System

By |September 5th, 2016|BUILD, INTERIOR BUILD|0 Comments

Amongst other things I have started to connect some components of the main audio system. I will make another “catch up” post  with lots of images after this one.

I use an old Logitech 5.1 audio system, which I had in the slide-on camper since 2007. It is still good, has a great subwoofer and is compact with the built in amp and the remote head unit. I really like it, all the newer ones never worked as good as this one and I did not want to use a full domestic stereo.

Originally I had decided to use the Logitech speakers […]

Routing Cables

By |August 16th, 2016|BUILD, ELECTRIC, INTERIOR BUILD|0 Comments

The general concept for my electrical installation is that I can access any cable, connection or any electrical component easily without removing half of the cabinets. One aspect which needs a bit more attention to hide the cables are the slide-outs. Cables can only come into a slide-out close to the inside corner and one needs to leave enough length of all cables that they are long enough when the slide-out comes in but also fold out of sight when the slide-out goes out. Each of the slide-outs requires a slightly different approach to achieve this. The cabinet to the […]

Main DC Fuses Installed

By |August 12th, 2016|BUILD, ELECTRIC, INTERIOR BUILD|0 Comments

Today we had finally some better weather. No rain and it warmed up a bit, so it was pleasant to work outside. I continued to bolt down the batteries. The washers had arrived a few days earlier and I put all the bolts in and fixed the batteries. They will not go anywhere in a hurry. Before they move the van will disintegrate.

Mounted the shunt for the battery monitor onto the battery casing. That is the most solid point and easy accessible. I use a 1000A shunt. The standard 500A is not sufficient for this installation.

I had already made […]

Work Area – Ham Shack

By |August 11th, 2016|BUILD, INTERIOR BUILD|0 Comments

Today I spent 3 hours at the van and done my work area. Fitted the doors, the sidewalls of the cabinets and cut the shelves and supports. Before I put the trim on all the small parts I tried how my gear will fit, just to be sure.

I have a desk extension which I can put across the passage way to the deck when we not using the deck. This gives me a bit more space. I placed the power supplies for my electronic work. The laptop functions as an oscilloscope for the electronic work.

I did not put any […]

Battery Control Panel

By |August 9th, 2016|BUILD, ELECTRIC, INTERIOR BUILD|0 Comments

Yesterday and today I was working on the cabinet in my work area and the electric cabinet in the kitchen. When I fit the trim to a panel I let it dry over night before I do anything else with it.

Yesterday I did the door for the electric cabinet to fit it today. I also did cut the doors and pieces for the cabinet in my work area and this morning I fixed the trim for that. I also had a meeting today but it only took a couple of hours. After that I fitted the door and made […]

AC – Supply Chapter 1

By |August 7th, 2016|BUILD, ELECTRIC, INTERIOR BUILD|0 Comments

Have started to do some preparations for the electrical installation. Have fitted the braces for the batteries to fix them properly to the chassis and have done a sample connection for the first fuse  to the positive battery bus I made from some flat copper bar.

The main switchboard case is installed and before I can continue I had to finalise the plan for the power distribution of the 240V AC supply.

The image above shows the switchboard for the AC input through a 15 Amp and a 10 Amp socket. I use a total of 3 inverters, two 3000W Victron […]

Floor Heating

By |July 31st, 2016|BUILD, ELECTRIC, INTERIOR BUILD|0 Comments

I had started to build the desk and cabinet in my work area. The desk is in with all edges trimmed, fits perfectly in the slide-out, which means the slide-out is perfectly rectangular with 90 degree corners. This is something I cannot always expect when I build it. I am not a cabinet maker and it shows at times (smile).

Before I can finish the cabinets under the work desk I have to finish the floor inside the slide-out because the side panels of the cabinets sit directly on the floor. I do not make a separate floor inside the […]

Kitchen Continued

By |July 18th, 2016|BUILD, INTERIOR BUILD|0 Comments

The next steps in the kitchen were little things like missing trim pieces, fixing the bench top, fixing the seal around the bench top and the kick boards underneath the cabinets.

I cut the kick boards, put the trim around and fitted the braces to clamp into the feet. The kick boards are removable and one can use the spaces under the cabinets for cables and pipes. I left a little gap as one can see in the image above for the height of the floor insulation and the floor cover.

I changed the doors I had […]

Bench Top Seal

By |July 6th, 2016|BUILD, INTERIOR BUILD|0 Comments

Making further progress still in baby steps though. Have finished the doors of the one high cabinet.

As the above images show we have changed our decision regarding door handles. The push open locks have the disadvantage that the doors actually do not close unless one pushes them into the lock. Since we intend to stay longer in one place  we wanted the doors unlocked for convenience and decided on self, soft closing mechanisms. This requires a handle on the doors to open, but we did not want the typical push in/out knob locks. They are not solid enough […]

More Kitchen

By |June 20th, 2016|BUILD, INTERIOR BUILD|0 Comments

Working on the kitchen in mini steps whenever I take a bit time off my commercial project.

Below is the finished door of the corner cabinet. Both shelves can be turned and accessed from the outside.

The edge trim of the bench top is not yet finished. I have to cut 5 mm off the edge at the cook top.

The images below show the finished drawers.

Another step was the first door of the high cabinet on the left. I use Blum hinges which can be adjusted to the desired spring load to hold the door at any position and with a […]

Bed Slide-out

By |June 8th, 2016|BODY BUILD, BUILD|0 Comments

the last slide-out is in .. took 6 months since I am back from QLD. Time flies when you are busy.

I had the box and the opening prepared and yesterday my young mate came by to help me to lift it in.
It is not really heavy but a bit awkward with the long bed base. Would not trust any of my older mates
to handle it, so had to wait for the young bloke, however he has a sore wrist right now and I have torn
a ligament in the left elbow at the gym. Nevertheless we managed to get it […]

Transition Blinds

By |June 8th, 2016|INTERIOR BUILD|0 Comments

I ordered a sample blind from Turkey as a trial because here in Australia the prices are just over the top.
Silver/grey fabric, which actually is the only usable component, and beige top rail and bottom piece.  Super heavy duty motor and 45mm diameter top rail .. I mean this is suitable for a garage door but not just for a small blind ..

I expected the motor to be way to heavy and big, but since my motor I had from Hong Kong was really tiny I was not sure if it was up to the task, so I ordered […]

Kitchen Bench And Doors

By |June 8th, 2016|BUILD, INTERIOR BUILD|0 Comments

A couple of weeks ago I picked up the last batch of panels. To be exact on the 28th of July.

Kitchen bench and doors, CNC cut as per DXF files and a couple more. one for the work area desk and cabinet, the bathroom cabinet and another 10mm panel for the solar panel mounts.

I also received the trim for all the panels and can now finish the kitchen. The priority is to finish the last slide-out to get to lock up, but apart from that I will not be able to do much on the van until my commercial project […]

Interior Paint And Lighting

By |June 8th, 2016|INTERIOR BUILD|0 Comments

This is already a few weeks old and I have done a bit more on the lighting since then, however this should give an idea about some of the interior finish. I have painted my work area and the bathroom with a suede paint. It is applied with a brush. It is a bit of an old fashion finish; was popular a few years back, however I had some paint left from the house I have done some years ago and we still like the effect. The colours were right and the finish is nice so I decided to […]