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12V Installation

By |September 29th, 2016|BUILD, ELECTRIC|0 Comments

This week the large battery lugs arrived. I had plenty of B&S 0 but no B&S 00, which I had ordered. The main supply is B&S 00 from the batteries to the first distribution point. From here the 12V supply runs down towards the chassis battery and also to the inside. Both lines are B&S 0. At the main distribution point I also connected the small inverter.  A total of 3 big fuses are installed. Each connection is colour coded and the three fuses are connected with a bus bar I made from flat copper.

I also started to box in […]

Audio/Video System

By |September 29th, 2016|BUILD, ELECTRIC|0 Comments

Last week I have received a Mini Pc  had ordered as a sample. It is meant to be driving the audio system and will be mounted close to the Logitech amplifier. I have designed the entertainment system around the old Logitech system I had in the slide-on camper. I really liked it, fairly compact subwoofer and several inputs including an optical digital input. I also will have a video server connected to the TV via HDMI 2.0 for full UHD 4K transmission. The HDMI cable runs back to a HDMI to Toslink converter for surround sound input into the […]

Ceiling Fan

By |September 28th, 2016|BUILD, ELECTRIC, INTERIOR BUILD|0 Comments

A couple of days ago I installed a ceiling fan in the living area. The fan is a DC motor fan, which is very quiet and efficient, far more than AC motors. It is a 6 speed and can move a lot more air than 4 or 5 small 12V fans and still don’t need more power. I connect the fan to the small inverter and we can run it when the air condition is not needed. We will also run it when we heat with the split system to get the warm air down from the ceiling. This […]

Power Input Continued

By |September 28th, 2016|BUILD, ELECTRIC, INTERIOR BUILD|0 Comments

I made the box with the power inlets earlier. Next I fitted the rear wall to mount the small switchboard to accommodate the relays required for the input selector.



The switchboard with four relays is mounted to be connected to the supply lines to the inverters.

The box is put in place inside the battery compartment and the supply cables are connected.

The switchboard is closed. This is the first component completely finished now.




The input selector is used to allow one or two supply lines to be connected. If only one lead is connected to the black connector a cross connection is […]

Power Input

By |September 11th, 2016|BUILD, ELECTRIC, INTERIOR BUILD|0 Comments

The van has 3 power inlets. Two 15 amp inlets, each connected to one of the larger inverters, and one 10 amp connector meant to be used for the smaller inverter when no 15 amp connection is available. The supply for the smaller inverter can be switched between the 10 amp and a 15 amp supply. All three inverters have an automatic transfer switch for the AC input.


I have two different colour inputs. The black one also supplies the input for the smaller inverter. The inlets are placed behind a service door with openings for two leads. When the AC […]

Routing Cables

By |August 16th, 2016|BUILD, ELECTRIC, INTERIOR BUILD|0 Comments

The general concept for my electrical installation is that I can access any cable, connection or any electrical component easily without removing half of the cabinets. One aspect which needs a bit more attention to hide the cables are the slide-outs. Cables can only come into a slide-out close to the inside corner and one needs to leave enough length of all cables that they are long enough when the slide-out comes in but also fold out of sight when the slide-out goes out. Each of the slide-outs requires a slightly different approach to achieve this. The cabinet to the […]

Main DC Fuses Installed

By |August 12th, 2016|BUILD, ELECTRIC, INTERIOR BUILD|0 Comments

Today we had finally some better weather. No rain and it warmed up a bit, so it was pleasant to work outside. I continued to bolt down the batteries. The washers had arrived a few days earlier and I put all the bolts in and fixed the batteries. They will not go anywhere in a hurry. Before they move the van will disintegrate.

Mounted the shunt for the battery monitor onto the battery casing. That is the most solid point and easy accessible. I use a 1000A shunt. The standard 500A is not sufficient for this installation.

I had already made […]

Battery Control Panel

By |August 9th, 2016|BUILD, ELECTRIC, INTERIOR BUILD|0 Comments

Yesterday and today I was working on the cabinet in my work area and the electric cabinet in the kitchen. When I fit the trim to a panel I let it dry over night before I do anything else with it.

Yesterday I did the door for the electric cabinet to fit it today. I also did cut the doors and pieces for the cabinet in my work area and this morning I fixed the trim for that. I also had a meeting today but it only took a couple of hours. After that I fitted the door and made […]

AC – Supply Chapter 1

By |August 7th, 2016|BUILD, ELECTRIC, INTERIOR BUILD|0 Comments

Have started to do some preparations for the electrical installation. Have fitted the braces for the batteries to fix them properly to the chassis and have done a sample connection for the first fuse  to the positive battery bus I made from some flat copper bar.

The main switchboard case is installed and before I can continue I had to finalise the plan for the power distribution of the 240V AC supply.

The image above shows the switchboard for the AC input through a 15 Amp and a 10 Amp socket. I use a total of 3 inverters, two 3000W Victron […]

Floor Heating

By |July 31st, 2016|BUILD, ELECTRIC, INTERIOR BUILD|0 Comments

I had started to build the desk and cabinet in my work area. The desk is in with all edges trimmed, fits perfectly in the slide-out, which means the slide-out is perfectly rectangular with 90 degree corners. This is something I cannot always expect when I build it. I am not a cabinet maker and it shows at times (smile).

Before I can finish the cabinets under the work desk I have to finish the floor inside the slide-out because the side panels of the cabinets sit directly on the floor. I do not make a separate floor inside the […]

Battery Compartment And Front Storage

By |March 21st, 2016|ELECTRIC, INTERIOR BUILD|0 Comments

The batteries are in place on top of a composite panel to distribute the weight better and add stability to the floor for the 200 kg of the two battery systems. They will be secured with long bolts through the floor and into aluminium braces bolted onto the chassis. You don’t want these batteries to fly forward through the rear window of the truck in case of a crash. This would be really ugly. I have 16 stainless steel bolts to secure the casings to the chassis neck. The battery compartment is fairly larger with plenty of ventilation for […]

Batteries Are In – Another Milestone

By |February 19th, 2016|BODY BUILD, BUILD, ELECTRIC|0 Comments

Another small task today was loading the batteries into their place in the van. I borrowed one of the fork lifts of my neighbour, which made it easy. Just lifted the batteries into the openings and pushed them onto the extra floor panel. This panel is positioned on top of the actual floor panel to distribute the weight over a larger area.

The batteries will be bolted down with large bolts through the floor and additional braces under the neck to make sure that they do not move a bit, especially not when an accident happens and […]