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Monthly Archives: March 2017

MultiControl Installation

This afternoon after another meeting I finally installed the MultiControl replacement in the van. It sits above the fridge next to the main switchboard. I have fans for air circulation around the fridge walls and this will also let the air flow over all the components installed in the space above the fridge.


Below to the right, visible only as a white surface, is the 8 port router to connect some of the components to the LAN. On the left below the 5V power supply for the router one can see the UDOO Linux main processor, which is connected to […]

Under Floor Storage

By |March 15th, 2017|BODY BUILD, BUILD|0 Comments

I mentioned in the previous post that I also started to do some body work again, and that would include my own body too :). Joke aside, I have fitted the floor for the storage boxes under the main floor. I use the cut-offs from the windows and baggage doors to do most of it, but it will not be enough. I have another alu honeycomb panel to do the rest. The panel is a 10mm with alu skin on one side and a vinyl(white) on the other which will be facing inside. These panels are lighter than the […]

MultiControl Field Test

By |March 15th, 2017|COMPONENT BUILD, ELECTRONICS|0 Comments

Long time no post. Been really busy with my commercial project and was in Melbourne and Sydney for presentations, 4 days each location. And did I say I was and still am really busy with that :). However I need to get going with my van. We want to get away this October/November so I have to get into it again.

I have done some more work on the body, but this is for another post.

I just finished my internal documentation for the Victron MultiControl replacement after I have done a field test (in the van) and made a couple […]