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Monthly Archives: August 2016

Routing Cables

By |August 16th, 2016|BUILD, ELECTRIC, INTERIOR BUILD|0 Comments

The general concept for my electrical installation is that I can access any cable, connection or any electrical component easily without removing half of the cabinets. One aspect which needs a bit more attention to hide the cables are the slide-outs. Cables can only come into a slide-out close to the inside corner and one needs to leave enough length of all cables that they are long enough when the slide-out comes in but also fold out of sight when the slide-out goes out. Each of the slide-outs requires a slightly different approach to achieve this. The cabinet to the […]

Main DC Fuses Installed

By |August 12th, 2016|BUILD, ELECTRIC, INTERIOR BUILD|0 Comments

Today we had finally some better weather. No rain and it warmed up a bit, so it was pleasant to work outside. I continued to bolt down the batteries. The washers had arrived a few days earlier and I put all the bolts in and fixed the batteries. They will not go anywhere in a hurry. Before they move the van will disintegrate.

Mounted the shunt for the battery monitor onto the battery casing. That is the most solid point and easy accessible. I use a 1000A shunt. The standard 500A is not sufficient for this installation.

I had already made […]

Work Area – Ham Shack

By |August 11th, 2016|BUILD, INTERIOR BUILD|0 Comments

Today I spent 3 hours at the van and done my work area. Fitted the doors, the sidewalls of the cabinets and cut the shelves and supports. Before I put the trim on all the small parts I tried how my gear will fit, just to be sure.

I have a desk extension which I can put across the passage way to the deck when we not using the deck. This gives me a bit more space. I placed the power supplies for my electronic work. The laptop functions as an oscilloscope for the electronic work.

I did not put any […]

Battery Control Panel

By |August 9th, 2016|BUILD, ELECTRIC, INTERIOR BUILD|0 Comments

Yesterday and today I was working on the cabinet in my work area and the electric cabinet in the kitchen. When I fit the trim to a panel I let it dry over night before I do anything else with it.

Yesterday I did the door for the electric cabinet to fit it today. I also did cut the doors and pieces for the cabinet in my work area and this morning I fixed the trim for that. I also had a meeting today but it only took a couple of hours. After that I fitted the door and made […]

AC – Supply Chapter 1

By |August 7th, 2016|BUILD, ELECTRIC, INTERIOR BUILD|0 Comments

Have started to do some preparations for the electrical installation. Have fitted the braces for the batteries to fix them properly to the chassis and have done a sample connection for the first fuse  to the positive battery bus I made from some flat copper bar.

The main switchboard case is installed and before I can continue I had to finalise the plan for the power distribution of the 240V AC supply.

The image above shows the switchboard for the AC input through a 15 Amp and a 10 Amp socket. I use a total of 3 inverters, two 3000W Victron […]