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Monthly Archives: March 2016

Kitchen And Audio

By |March 30th, 2016|INTERIOR BUILD|0 Comments

Done various things again, further planning of the electrical wiring and placement of the  main board and sub boards, routing of the drains for the kitchen sink and the dish washer, moving the speakers from the slide-on to the new van and mainly building the kitchen.

The audio system is from our slide-on. Since we dismantle the slide-on more or less I decided to use the same system. It is still pretty good even after 8 years, a 5.1 digital system with SPDIF input and a decent sub. It is a Logitech, one of the older ones when […]

Air Condition Is Running

By |March 23rd, 2016|BUILD, INTERIOR BUILD|0 Comments

Had the air condition man here today. Not really much to write about. Connection went smoothly without any problems. The unit is very quiet, no vibrations at all. Very happy with the outcome. Glad we changed the position for the unit in the living area. Funny enough, it is now back where it was in the original plan. Now I need to finish the upper section of the kitchen wall and eventually cover the pipes, however I still have to put in quite a few cables before that happens.

All the insulation is the better stuff, non condensing and fire […]

Air Condition Installation

By |March 22nd, 2016|INTERIOR BUILD|0 Comments

A couple of days ago I installed the air condition components. I used the same concept as for the fridge. A composite panel distributing the¬†weight of the compressor bolted through the floor with super large washers underneath. The compressor sits on rubber feet to minimise vibrations. The heavier part of the compressor sits right over the centre beam of the chassis. This compressor services two indoor units with a capacity of 5 kW. It is a digital inverter system with 4.5 star cooling and 4.5 star heating capacity. The indoor units are mounted on the front wall of the […]

Battery Compartment And Front Storage

By |March 21st, 2016|ELECTRIC, INTERIOR BUILD|0 Comments

The batteries are in place on top of a composite panel to distribute the weight better and add stability to the floor for the 200 kg of the two battery systems. They will be secured with long bolts through the floor and into aluminium braces bolted onto the chassis. You don’t want these batteries to fly forward through the rear window of the truck in case of a crash. This would be really ugly. I have 16 stainless steel bolts to secure the casings to the chassis neck. The battery compartment is fairly larger with plenty of ventilation for […]

Installing The Main Fridge

By |March 21st, 2016|BUILD, INTERIOR BUILD|0 Comments

As the title says this post is about fitting a fridge to the van. It says “main fridge” because we have two, an older 12V Vitrifrigo, from our slide-on camper, with external compressor and a domestic fridge LG310 digital inverter fridge. We only fit the Vitrifrigo because we have it and we need more space for greens when away for longer at places where it is hard to get. The new inverter fridges are very energy efficient, this one is a 4 star, and a lot cheaper than caravan fridges. Automatic defrost, much better air circulation, better freezers and […]