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Monthly Archives: December 2015

Central Processor

Have fitted the touch screen. It is the wall to the left at the front entry. The fridge is behind that wall. There is not much cable from the processor to the display and the controller board. It is a LVDS display and I did not feel like extending those tiny, flimsy cables. I picked a height to allow the processor to be mounted above the fridge.


The images above show the rear of the display and the processor box. All the connections to the processor go into the right (rear) of the box. The processor is fan less […]

Indirect Lighting

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One of the main style elements in the van is light. I will have indirect lighting and wall washing with light in many places. Not all are full colour though. It is going to be quite effective and each piece of light strip can be controlled through the central system and some also with local controls.

Here a few images how I put the lights together.

Mounting clips are attached to the underside of the fascia.

The light track extrusion snaps into the mounting clips.

The RGB light strip is self adhesive and attached to the extrusion.

Connectors are attached to connect pieces together.

The diffuser […]

Bed Box Done

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Have glued the bed box and finished the fascia around the box for the indirect lighting.

The rollers for the slide out are in place (see image above).

Image below shows the box before the rollers went on.


The next step is to finish the slide-out.

Fitting Baggage Doors

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One of the points for me to build my own van was utilising space for storage better than what I have seen so far and also the quality of the finish. I don’t really like those plastic doors with these huge frames which get screwed onto the outer walls. With cladding this might be necessary to keep them attached, I guess you need some support underneath, but it is rather difficult to keep them tight without a huge amount of sealant.

A very bad example how to fit doors was my slide-on camper from the US. Ok it was cheap, […]

TV Lift

We will have a larger TV in the van on a lift in a box behind the dinner table. At the moment we will probably use one of our 40″ LEDs I have from a project. It has a glass front and a touch frame so I can use it as a touch screen for a pc as well not just as a TV. However we plan to put a larger one in there eventually and I have adjusted the height for the lift accordingly to fit a 55″ SUHD from Samsung. It will not be heavier than the […]

Bed Slide-Out

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Today I had dry fitted the the slide out mechanism for the bed. Placed the bottom board for the slide out on the rollers and checked the width. It is just perfect. The vertical panels will be rebated so the 3mm skin will go between the slide out mechanism and the bottom board. Just enough space for the glue, there will be no gap at all once the box is built.

Placed the mattress on the board to take the measurements for the fascia around the top of the bed box for the indirect lighting. This is multicolour and has […]

Bed Box

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Our bed is inside a slide out which will go out by 62cm. We have decided to use a higher bed box than most to utilise the space better. In order to get into the bed still easily I had to build steps on both sides.

The supports for the steps have cut outs for wiring and heating pipes to the front of the steps. The bed box has doors on 4 sides. One is from the outside to access the space over the wheel well. In the front the box has two doors and one door each on both sides.

It […]

Painting Inside

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We have decided to use wall paper in the living area and bedroom. In the bedroom we also will use the wall paper on the ceiling. The kitchen ceiling and living area will be painted.

In order to get good adhesion of both paint and wall paper I sanded the fibre glass with a 40 paper and cleaned everything with methylated spirits.

The next step was a bonding primer. In the kitchen and living area I used a spray gun and for the rest I used a brush for a thicker primer.

I have removed all windows and doors and have taped […]


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One of my pet hates is to have an awning hanging off the side of the van and giving up at least 10 cm interior width. Also the awning being out in the weather and dust all the time is a nuisance. For this one I decided on a boxed Fiamma 45 which encloses the vinyl inside a box because I also did not want the legs. Without legs the awning is less stable of course and in windy conditions need to be wound in. So we decided on the Fiamm F45 Eagle, which is the electrical version available […]


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The outside corners only require a small trim. The panels are rebated and glued together in a way that the gel coats are quite close together in the corners. The panels are not simply joined and covered with big alu profiles like cooling trucks and some home made vans. I can use 12×12 white alu angle, which is cut on the side for the curve in the front. The typical edging on vans with the plastic inset is ugly and the plastic shrinks and gets yellow over time. I don’t really like it.


Another components of the outside trim is […]

Windows And Doors

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I fitted the doors and the windows. Cuts were accurate as one can see in the second image down and it was quite easy. Only a few spots needed trimming. This has nothing to do with the cut out itself, more with inaccuracies of the window corners due to bending the material. Same with the doors, a few bits to trim and they were in.

We use sliding windows with real automotive glass. They are heavier of course than the flimsy acrylic windows used for caravans here but are superior in my opinion in many ways. Acrylic windows used for most […]

Slide Outs

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Prepared the faces for the slide outs. Removed the rebate all around the slide-out faces.
The remaining fibre glass skin will be supported by an alu angle 80/38/1.5 and the outer edge will be trimmed with a seal. I opened the slide-outs and checked the fit of the mechanism. All good, fits well. The two large ones are 64cm deep and the bedroom one is 60cm deep.



Mounting Baggage Doors

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Removed all the cut-outs for the baggage doors and fitted the doors. I had to trim the corners a bit since I had the wrong radius. I did not measure and trusted the specs of the doors, but they specified outer diameter not cut-out diameter. Not a biggie, was easy enough.

First Activities At Home

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First steps were to remove all the tape and clean the surfaces with turps and methylated spirits to get the glue off.

Then we fitted a couple of traps over the van to keep the bird shit off and protect it against the occasional rain we still might get in December, and we did get some – a big one. It also keeps the van cooler in the heat of the day.


On The Way Home

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Exactly two weeks after I arrived in Yandina I left early in the morning.

I stayed again In Peterborough and also Cobar at the same places but this time I only needed 5 days. I was home Wednesday evening. Needed another couple of tyres in the front since the alignment was still off and the old tyres did not like it that much.

Everything else was fine.

On the Nullarbor I needed around 17l/h and the trip average on the way home was around 18.5l/h with 90-95kmh most of the time. Occasionally I was a bit faster especially towards the end on […]

Getting Ready For Home

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I started taping up all the gaps to keep the dust out on the trip home.

The top image shows the taped panel without the rear wall and ramp.



We have still done a fair bit of work inside the van. Glassed in the roof edges and quite a few more edges. Fitted the rear wall and Shaun made the ramp, which we taped and fixed with a couple of ratchet straps.



The image above shows the rig ready for the trip. This was taken in front of my accommodation.

Interior And Fender Skirts

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Fitted some of the inside walls to stabilise the roof. The fridge wall and another short wall opposite of the fridge. The corners are stiffened with alu angle.

Finished the wheel wells from inside. They are fairly low and will be inside cabinets. Nothing visible from the inside once finished.

The cut outs for the fender skirts were perfectly positioned. After mounting the wheel again I fitted the fender skirts. Just glued on after a bit of trimming.



Looks very nice. Like made for it, although the skirts are from an American motorhome. Had the coming with […]

Roof Installation

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The front section of the roof is curved. In order to bend the panel to follow the curve of the side panels we made cuts every 15mm on the inside of the panel.


It took 8 people to put the roof panels in place and glue them onto the side panels. The red tape is holding the panels in place until the glue cures. The lower end of the panel is clamped to the chassis.

The roof consist of 3 sections which are joined with alu T-sections from above and glassed over inside. This was the easiest way to […]

Panel Installation

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With the chassis low and right next to the router it was reasonably easy to lift the panel into position. We started with the left panel, which was the other side of the router and the second panel only needed standing up from the router bed straight into position.

Both panels are hanging on the lifts and get glued to the chassis frame.



Cutting the panels

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Since I had everything in CAD it was fairly easy to transfer the files for the cut outs to the software Vanglass uses for the router. The cut outs stay attached at a few stops for stability of the panel during cutting and it is also a good concept to leave everything in for the way home. I only needed to tape up the gaps.

The large panels needed about an hour and a half to be cut.



The side panels had a rebate at the top and front for better and stronger connection to the roof and […]