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Monthly Archives: July 2015

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A bit of a sad thing happened this afternoon, however it was unavoidable and ended
very peacefully.

We had to put our dog down. She deteriorated today very quickly. Was on and off the last weeks but today it was just time. Many signs from here that she was ready to go.

We only had her since a year, the original owner died and the kids wanted to put her down. We had her as a foster dog for a few weeks and arranged to keep her. She was a very special dog and not only to us.

She went very peacefully and quiet. […]

Weight Test

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This morning I picked up my PVC containers, 6 of them.
Yesterday I removed the floor, not going to kill that floor with 1000kg water tanks sitting on it.
I placed some timber beams under the container cradles.

I made some progress yesterday evening with the new control unit for my hydraulic levelling system.  The tilt sensor works very well, much better than the original and I can actually put everything in one box. The original is a control unit and a display/keypad unit connected via a serial cable. I decided to put  everything in one box because for my system it does […]


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It is done !
Inspection took place this morning, passed with flying colours.
Now my wife will go to the licensing center and get the number plate.
Tomorrow I will pick up 5 1000l water tanks for my kids and a friend
and I will use 3 of them to load the trailer to the limit when filled with
water. I will fill all 3 tanks to a bit under full, that will give we 2700kg
including the weight of the tanks, which will take me to 4420kg total.
That’s enough for a test on a rough road. I plan to load it to 6t on […]

Weigh Bridge

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Back from the weigh bridge.
Trailer towed very well, no jumping, no rolling – just as it should be – very smooth.
The brakes are hyper good but that comes at a price .. I am 180kg over my originally
calculated weight. But that is what I expected, have more alu in the chassis than
originally planned, the air engine and the air tank was not in the calculation, cables,
brake lines, brake locks, bolts, lights .. it all adds up. The brakes and trailing arms are really  heavy duty and the luxury of having my dually wheels on the trailer cost another 45kg for […]


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Tested the new accelerometer, I did order 2 different ones for evaluation, and found the one to use for the control unit of the levelling system. It has good resolution and I finished the function to read the raw data for x and y axis and converted to degrees.
Because the chassis is that long I only get small variations in tilt compared to the displacement of both ends. So I need good resolution for the values. This one delivers enough and is also very sensitive.
It is a good basis for the level control. This is pretty much solved now. […]

Getting Ready For Weigh Bridge

By |July 28th, 2015|CHASSIS BUILD|0 Comments

Tomorrow I am off to the weigh bridge. A bit nervous .. I have not calculated the weight of the exact configuration I have now, only the trailer chassis with a few more things on it and I have used a bit more alu than originally planned. A few extra braces here and there, t-sections between the floor sheets, quite a bit of extra weight not included in the model as yet. I went 50×50 for the outriggers and not 40×40 as planned originally, I even used some 6082 C channel for step supports and a couple of other […]

BMS DC Balancer

By |July 28th, 2015|COMPONENT BUILD|0 Comments

Today I received more parts, the proper low g accelerometer for my levelling system and a couple of other sensors, and also the DC-DC power supplies for my BMS to do active cell balancing. The little power supplies will be used to boost charge of a low cell.

The special thing about these power supplies is that they have a current limiter. I can adjust the charge current I want for cell balancing.

Will work on both, the levelling system and the BMS in the next time.

I have a couple of other boxes to finish and that is the valve controller ( […]

12V Hub

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Rainy day in the office – done work on the website project.
Tonight I finished a 12V junction box for more processor box connections. It also doubles as CanBus junction box, at least for the moment. One can see the terminator plugged into the out connector.

I use standard 4 pole connectors for this, all the same despite the fact that I only  use two pins. The proper way would have been to use different pins for the 12V and the CanBus, but I decided to use the same. This makes testing easier but one has to be careful which plug goes where. […]

Tank Inspection Lids

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Next step was to try the inspection lids I have for the water tanks. I need these to fit the tank sensors. This is the price I pay for the luxury of continuous tank level readings and not just 3 or 4 steps. I could have done without the lid but the the tank sender does not get fastened from the inside of the tank and I don’t like that idea. Although the tank sender fitted very tight into the 35mm hole, it is just better to have it properly fitted with it’s designated nut from inside. Also the lids […]

Air And Pumps

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Busy day today.
Tomorrow we expect rain early so I tried to get as much done today as I could without stress.

Fitted the air tank .. stainless steel pipes welded together. With a stainless steel strap.
Two images show the tank from above (top image) and below.

Fitted the small compressor. Image below shows the compressor but the wrong way. Later image shows in correct position.
This is only a small one for the air engine and can alo be used to air the tyres, however I have a bigger compressor on the truck for pumping up the 6 tyres after a sand […]

DMX-Manual Box

By |July 26th, 2015|COMPONENT BUILD|0 Comments

Tonight I have finished another control box. This is a combination of DMX bus for light control and RF remote dimmers for manual switching. This box allows both manual and central control of the monochrome strip lights connected to the box.
Three channels are combined in one box for 3 separate light circuits of monochrome strip lights.

More and more different types of boxes are getting to the prototype stage. One of each kind for final testing before I make the quantity required for each type of box.


More Underfloor Work

By |July 26th, 2015|CHASSIS BUILD|0 Comments

Done a few things again outside.
The covers for the pump cases of the levelling system are on. I did cut the rest of the floor capping to finish everything tomorrow before the rain comes again on Tuesday. Wednesday is weigh bridge day.

The air engine is placed now on the chassis, no airlines yet connected though. This will come after registration. At the moment it is a simple load sharing manually controlled airbag suspension. This will change before I finally glue the floor. It is easier to finish the under floor installation that way.

Same applies to the plumbing of the tanks. Worked […]

Trailer Cable

By |July 24th, 2015|CHASSIS BUILD|0 Comments

Today I finally mounted the Anderson plug in the tub to connect power to the trailer battery.

The Anderson is rather primitive for that application since it does not contain any mechanism to clamp the insulation of the cable and all the weight and pull of the cable is hanging on the crimp contacts.

Not a great solution in general and not really good in my case. I thought about those 3 phase plugs with screw ring, but they are just too bulky. So I made my own clamp with “quick release”. not crash hot but it does work .. loosen […]

Component Network

By |July 24th, 2015|COMPONENT BUILD|0 Comments

This is how the components will be connected.

The one in the foreground is still in the making, the others are finished.
The Ethernet gateway connected to the DMX controller and that connected to a DMX hub and all supplied from a 12V power hub. This is how the system will be built .. all little building blocks with different functions and everything connected with straight cables.

This part of the network is working and all the boxes will get a shake and rattle test before they go into the van. I will only have very limited wiring to do at the […]

Tank Installation

By |July 23rd, 2015|CHASSIS BUILD|0 Comments

Next chapter for tank installation.

The image above shows the tank bracket brace mounted underneath the cross member. The tank brackets are bolted to that brace and it presses against the cross member and fixes all brackets in position.

The image below shows the lower brace for additional support of the brackets but more importantly as a jamb for the tank on one side, the other side has also one.

Below image shows the tank pressed into the location between the two jambs. I will have to remove it again to fit the valves, but for now I just wanted to make everything […]

First Tow

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This morning I hooked up the trailer and towed it. After 10 meters it fell apart .. just kidding I had the floor off and a few pieces laying on it and with some brake attempts I threw them off.

Absolutely awesome brakes, I only done walking speed and then pulled the handle on the brake controller to 100% and bang the whole rig was standing almost instantly.. absolutely awesome brakes. I hope nobody is tailgating me when I really have to slam on the brakes. He/she will sit in our lounge room then and  has a big bill […]

Component Cables

By |July 23rd, 2015|COMPONENT BUILD|0 Comments

Have cleaned up my electronic desk and prepared for integration test and mass production. I still have a few components to finalise but will start doing the system testing.

Image shows the Ethernet/Can gateway, the DMX processors and a DMX control box with the properCan bus cable.

I still have to make a few cables for the test.

I also have prepared the material (boards, boxes, plugs etc) for the mass production of the network components.

First are the tank sender hubs, valve control boxes and tank processor boxes to go under the floor when I finish the tank installation. I still wait for […]

Tank Mounts

By |July 22nd, 2015|CHASSIS BUILD|0 Comments

Worked a few hours on the tank brackets and fixings. I removed another floor panel at the rear for easier access. For now I can still work from the top which makes it a bit easier.

I do the center tanks next and the mounting frame will be done in a way that
I can also fix the underbelly cover and sides for the center tanks to it.  The center tanks are between the wheel and I cannot do a full cover across the full width of the chassis, I have to box in the center tank section and leave the trailing arms out.

Further […]

Tank Sender Hub

By |July 21st, 2015|COMPONENT BUILD|0 Comments

Finished a tank sender hub and it’s documentation in my development web. Decided to use only 4 per hub. That has to do with location and number of IOs of the processor and plugs.

The hub is fairly simple, it just provides connectors for 4 tank senders and the signal wire of the sender is connected to the 7 pin plug which connects to the processor.

I also have another one wire connector which allows to connect a one wire hub for temperature sensors.

Next is the valve and sender processing unit.



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Next subject is tank related.
Today I was researching a bit more on pipes, fittings etc.

I have motorised ball valves for inlet and outlet of each tank. I want to make the inlet hoses 25mm for max possible flow although I may not need that too often really when we make the water through the desalinator, nevertheless I use that diameter because I have a few meters of hose I can use for the fresh water tanks. The tank inlet is 20mm.

For the drinking water I will use 19mm because foodgrade hose in 25mm is just too expensive and the […]