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12V Light Switches

By |December 22nd, 2014|COMPONENTS & MATERIALS|0 Comments

In the whole of the van we have many lights for different purposes, requiring different controls.

Cabinet lights
Skirting lights
Ceiling lights -indirect
Slide-out facia – internal indirect light
Ceiling downlight
Reading lights
Work lights
Wall wash lights
Shower downlight
Vanity light
Awning lights
Storage compartment lights
Underbelly lights
Outside table light
Pass through shelf light
BBQ light
Step lights
Coupling lights
Search lights
Security lights

In today’s day and age all these lights can have one thing in common, they are low energy LED lights. But not all LED lights are created equal. There are different types or LED lights and it effects the way they can be controlled, say dimmed. Simple on/off is the way you find it […]

Body Material

By |December 22nd, 2014|COMPONENTS & MATERIALS|0 Comments

Strength, UV resistance, light weight, good insulation properties, easy and quick to work with and reasonably priced are the attributes one wants from body material, but such a thing does not exists. One can find a multitude of composite panels, which meet most criteria but are definitely not reasonably priced for the home builder.

Steel frames and aluminium cladding are still very common amongst caravans. The reason is most likely material cost, however any frame construction has an enormous labour component, where in comparison a composite panel should compare favourably. For a home builder like me the labour side is […]

Running Gear And Brakes

By |December 22nd, 2014|COMPONENTS & MATERIALS|0 Comments

When it comes to hubs and bearings all trailers in Australia are pretty much the same. One can use 4,5 or 6 stud hubs with bearings sitting on a spindle and a couple of different electric brakes or if one dares even a hydraulic brake. However with hydraulic brakes the callipers and mounting brackets are rather limited and primitive for trailers.

I have been looking at some trailer parts and was questioning some of the play a bush had over a bolt and was told that this would be the best I can expect, it is “just” a trailer part. […]


By |December 22nd, 2014|COMPONENTS & MATERIALS|0 Comments

When it comes to a suspension for trailers above 3.5t the air becomes a bit thin. With this subject there are also a few camps supporting one or the other technology. How good does a suspension on a van need to be? Well, some people claim that only a vehicle needs a comfortable suspension and the one on a van needs to be practical and safe but not necessarily comfortable. I beg to differ, especially when one plans to go on lots of tracks.

The simplest and cheapest solution is surely the old traditional leaf spring suspension. Has a good […]

Chassis Material

By |December 22nd, 2014|COMPONENTS & MATERIALS|2 Comments

The decision about the chassis material was not an easy one. I made a design with steel, aluminium and also everything in FRP. The latter looked very interesting, but it would have required a lot more research and testing with a chassis of that size and weight, so I canned it. Still, I would love to give it a try, but maybe in another life.

There is a never ending discussion between followers of either camp. Arguments pro and contra one or the other are plenty. There is the C350 and C450 steel, which made stronger steel lighter, but I […]

Initial Thoughts

By |December 22nd, 2014|DESIGN|0 Comments

When we looked at the vans on the market in our area and at shows we took note of all the components they have used. No matter at what aspect of a van you look you realise that there are only a very limited number of choices, in some cases only a very few. All vans end up with the same components more or less arranged in a slightly different way, but still the same components.

We were talking to a few manufacturers about some of our wishes and ideas and we found very little understanding or cooperation. It was […]


By |December 22nd, 2014|SPECIFICATIONS|0 Comments

Neo angle corner shower – 90cm x 90cm with high basin
Light polycarbonate shower screen with double door for entry
Shower head on rail
Thermostat mixer for shower head
Water circulation system with inline electric heater and 9 gallon holding tank
High pressure and flow pump from circulation holding tank to 6 body jets
40l hot water calorifier under vanity
Mirror cabinet above vanity
Frontloader washing machine
Porcelain toilet – standard height with raw water flush mechanism
Heated towel rack over toilet
Electric floor heating
Porcelain vanity with single lever thermostat mixer
Remote controlled extraction fan above toilet
Extraction fan and light above shower
Heater vent under vanity with fan forced heat exchanger
Skirting lights […]


By |December 22nd, 2014|SPECIFICATIONS|0 Comments

2 x 700Ah 12V Lithium battery banks with individual passive protection system
24 x 100W semi flexible solar panels, connected in two groups of 2 serial strings of 6
2 independent solar controllers with 85amp max charge connected to each panel group
2 3000W Inverter/chargers – 120A charge current, can run in parallel for 6KW output
Inverters with power boost feature (boosting output from battery if AC in is not sufficient)
AC input panel with 2 independent 15A input sockets each separately connected to one inverter with transfer switch at front of van
Both AC inputs are RCD/RVD protected and can also be used with […]


By |December 22nd, 2014|SPECIFICATIONS|0 Comments

Floor lighting in skirting in kitchen, bedroom, office and bathroom area with:
Central on/off switch and night mode
Courtesy (warm white) and night level (blue)
Zoned proximity switches for night level lights in night mode with timer
Indirect light behind facia covering awning recess in living area (dimmed)
Suspended down light above dinette with dimmed warm LED lights
Indirect ceiling lights in kitchen cornice with dimmed warm LED lights
Two reading lights above lounge chair area
Two reading lights above bed
Door lights inside bed room wardrobe with door switch
Door lights inside kitchen cabinets with door switch
Down light with exhaust above shower
Down lights in office with dimmed warm […]


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Slide out on passenger side with mattress slide
Bed tilt header board (lifts the matress and allows passage when slide-out is in
Extra high under bed storage
Full height wardrobe along sidewall
42” TV in wardrobe
Gimbal mounted fan on both inner walls (left and right of bed)
Skirting light around bed with courtesy and night mode (zone switched with motion detector in night mode)
Full queen size bed
Latex mattress
Folding door to office
Folding door to front of van


By |December 22nd, 2014|SPECIFICATIONS|0 Comments

Slide out on driver side with work desk for computer screens
Additional work desk at rear wall with folding extension when slide out is open
Desktop computer system with 2 Monitors
Small laser printer
Access door in rear wall for antenna connections to ham radios
Underfloor heating under seat area
Skirting lights on bathroom wall with courtesy and night mode
Gimbal mounted fan on bedroom wall


By |December 22nd, 2014|SPECIFICATIONS|0 Comments

2 Aluminium triple steps for both entry doors with lit underside of top step
Pull out table at front side of van (passenger side)
Double pull out shelf with electric grill at front face (passenger side)
Access door to shelf and reach through section to kitchen close to pull out table
Access door to double rubbish bin with service opening in kitchen bench – driver side
Fold away handrail for both entry doors
All 31 baggage doors with key lock – keyed identical
Entry doors with keyless entry and integrated fly screen doors without vents
4m electric awning in sidewall recess with automatic retraction in windy conditions
3 […]

Seating Area

By |December 22nd, 2014|SPECIFICATIONS|0 Comments

Full height slide out on driver side with

60 cm stroke
Dinette with leather cushions and storage compartment under both seats
Foldup foot rests
Table with under table drawer
TV Lift electric with remote control
65” UHD TV on lift, also used as computer screen

Schwintek in wall slide-out system
Folding door to bed room
Suspended ceiling in slide-out with dimmable, multi stage warm LED lighting
Facia on oppsite site covering awning recess with indirect downlights/ reading lights
5.1 Surround sound system
Mini ITX desktop PC under seat connected to LAN
Two outdoor lounge chairs (not recliners as pictured), easy to remove to utilise 4sqm as exercise area
Heating channel on passenger side […]

Heating / Hot Water

By |December 21st, 2014|SPECIFICATIONS|0 Comments

Diesel Heater with convection elements in living area, bath room and bed room and connection to heat exchanger in calorifier
Fan supported convection elements for quicker warm-up, normally off
40L calorifier with 750 Watt electric heater element, stainless steel tank, connected to diesel heater and to water solar panels
Two hot water solar panels with Teflon high temperature tubing, glycol expansion tank, solar powered circulation pump
Calorifier has incoming and outgoing thermostats with temperature adjustment
Outgoing thermostat mixes hot and cold to desired temperature. Stored water can be hotter than required at outlets
On demand hot water circulation pipe with pump switch in the kitchen
Electrical […]


By |December 21st, 2014|SPECIFICATIONS|0 Comments

Gooseneck coupling 40,000lbs ADR compliant on airbag surge hitch, height adjustable on braced steel mount, bolted to aluminium chassis with dampener
Brake away system – electric, integrated with e
lectric over hydrailic actuator
Separate battery and charger for brake away system
monitor and charge control in vehicle cab
Gooseneck hitch with removable 3” ball mounted directly on vehicle chassis above axle.

Underbelly features

By |December 20th, 2014|SPECIFICATIONS|0 Comments

ABS sensor cables protected with Teflon tubing
Flexible brake lines protected with stainless steel braided tubing
All exposed bolt threaded ends covered with stainless steel tubing as required and capped with dome nut
Complete Underfloor with “Woven Bottom Board” on Venturelite 2010 cover
All cables and pipes in plastic channel fixed to floor (above cover)– nothing free hanging or exposed
Warm air blower from heater compartment into underbelly space (tank anti freeze and floor preheat in very cold conditions)
Spare wheel hanger at front


By |December 20th, 2014|SPECIFICATIONS|0 Comments

Franke single basin sink with removable drainer and insert, plastic cover used as cutting board
280l fridge/freezer combo 240V only
120l Vitrifrigo 12V Fridge for greens only
Ceran cook top 80cm with 2 heat elements 240V 2000W
Convection Microwave 1200W 240V
Espresso machine 1400W
Pizza maker 1000W
Single drawer dishwasher 1000W
Two separate rubbish bins with disposal opening through bench and external access
Two pantry slides
Appliance cabinets with tambour doors for blender, juicer, toaster with roll warmer
Central cabinet for pots and other utensils with tambour door
Ice maker
All doors with push open mechanism – no handles, no separate locks required
Drawers with push open mechanism, metal runners
High cabinets mounted on top of appliance cabinets, […]

General Interior

By |December 20th, 2014|SPECIFICATIONS|0 Comments

Bulkhead walls and bedroom furniture made of Duralite panels with maple timber finish. Panels are 19.8 mm and have a mass of 4.1kg/sqm
Kitchen furniture is made of Venturelite 2030 with laminated outer, all interior walls and boards are made of Venturelite 2010 at 1.7kg/sqm
Floor is of fiberglass honeycomb with laminated timber flooring, tounge and groove, on top of heating elements and insulation
Interior sidewalls and ceilings are raw fibreglass finish
Interior walls are painted where required with acrylic paint
Heating channel with convection elements and vents on passenger side in living area


By |December 20th, 2014|SPECIFICATIONS|0 Comments

Automatic pressure pump with accumulator tank, self priming, can run dry, 40psi, 15l/m
Tank management system with transfer pump, valves and control panel for managing
tank content
Grey water separation from shower in separate holding tank for recycling
Toilet with macerator pump and raw water flush system from grey water tank
“Endless water” for shower – circulation system with inline heater and high pressure pump for 6 massage jets, flush valve and drain pump – pressure pump delivers 60psi and 20l/m
Drain pump with macerator for kitchen sink
Hot water circulation pipe to internal hot water outlets with on demand switch for circulation pump (reduces water […]


By |December 19th, 2014|SPECIFICATIONS|0 Comments

2450mm outer width
2404 mm inner width
2200mm inner height
2700mm sidewall height
23mm wall thickness
370mm clearance to ground all around
Composite panel with fibre glass, smooth white surface outside and raw surface for colour matched painting inside
20mm Polyurethane insulation
All around underfloor box system
Extensive storage area above neck with 800kg capacity
Front storage under neck with split system air condition compressor compartment
Total of 31 custom made baggage access doors with key locks ( all keyed identical), fibre glass outer and inner, white frame with hidden hinge and mounting screws
Three full height inner walls
Two full height slide outs
One half height slide-out
Sliding windows with tempered safety glass, […]